Graduate Jobs: An Emergency Guide


The idea for this came to me after completing the Postgraduate Certificate in Careers Education, Information and Guidance in Higher Education, CEIGHE with Warwick University. I then did the fast track NCTJ Diploma in Production Journalism with Brighton Journalist Works.

I’ve been tapping away since then, researching and working out how to format an ebook.

The ebook ropes are slippery. Formatting is a completely different kettle of fish for your average Microsoft Word user. At one point I had to save my Word document as a txt file (20,000 words in!) to lose all of the formatting and every single link and then do it all over again. Dark days.

I kept going, buying a cover as a ‘treat’ to keep me going. Once the book had a cover, it seemed much more ‘proper’.

The ebook covers all the topics below, for the student friendly price of £1.

Chapter 1: Your immediate options

  • The ‘job’ job and the ‘graduate’ job
  • How to get a ‘job’ job
  • How to get a graduate job
  • Graduate recruitment agencies
  • But what really is a graduate job?
  • Graduate Job Market
  • Graduate comrades of last year: what they did next
  • Work experience: getting it when you haven’t got any
  • ‘Quick’ paid work placements
  • Unpaid work placements 😦
  • Volunteering
  • Discipline-specific career plasters
  • Do more study after your degree (‘Postgraduate’ study)
  • Convert your degree in to a brand new one
  • How to pay for Postgraduate Study
  • Go abroad for a year (or more)

Chapter 2: Digital you-hoo

  • Quick step to LinkedIn
  • Basic LinkedIn tips
  • Advanced ways to use LinkedIn
  • Quick steps to Twitter
  • What to tweet?
  • Hashtags
  • Can you chat up employers via Twitter?
  • Twitter management
  • Google challenge
  • Quick steps to Facebook
  • Check what people can see
  • Facebook and job search
  • Fast CV and Online Portfolio
  • How to create a portfolio
  • Blog your way in to work
  • Greedy job feed: making jobs come to you

Chapter 3: Career development if you are in a non-graduate job or signing-on/unemployed

  • Sign up for a MOOC
  • Find a MOOC
  • List of MOOCs
  • Online learning
  • Volunteer
  • Find a mentor
  • Stepping up at work
  • Skills top-up
  • Start a blog
  • Training

Chapter 4: How to communicate with employers

  • Your email
  • Communicating before applying
  • Cover letter: Romancing the employer
  • CV and Application Form
  • Ops! I got a 2:2
  • The big four
  • Graduate recruiters Bug Bears

Chapter 5: Advice from a real human bean

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